Car Door Unlock – I Can’t Get Into My Car

Car Door Unlock – “I Can’t Get Into My Car” – Car Door Frozen Shut

This crazy cold snowy weather won’t let up!  As much as you may hate cold weather, your car hates it more!  Winter is tough on cars and I’m trying to keep you all up to

Today, a nice sweet lady who brings her car to Auto Locksmith Kitchener, called in distress.  Her driver’s side car door was frozen shut!  She was at work and couldn’t get her car door open.   “What can I do to open my door and how did this happen?” she asked.

Can you feel her pain?  A long day of work and you can’t wait to get home to your warm house, a glass or wine…and nope!  Mother Nature and your car had other plans.

Let me help you!  If you find your car door frozen shut, here are a few things you can do to “break in”.

*    Are all the doors frozen shut?  Try all entrances to your car, even the trunk or hatch door.
*    If the door is enclosed in ice, use a plastic ice scrapper to chip some of it off.
*    Do NOT pull on the handle to try and pry the door open, you might break the door handle then you’re really not getting in.  Push into the door to see if that breaks any ice loose.
*    Try pouring warm water on the door handle and around the seal of the door.  This will help melt the ice that is freezing the door shut.
*    Do NOT pour boiling water on the window or door.  The drastic difference in temperature will cause the glass to shatter!
*    Can you get a hair dryer outside with an extension cord?  Blow dry that door open!
*    Housewares stores have de-icer spray that can help de-ice your door.

Now, hopefully you are in the car.  Want to prevent it from happening again?  With a rag, spray silicon lubricant, PAM cooking spray, WD-40, even Vaseline works, and rub the rag on the door seal and the door frame.  That should help the doors from freezing shut again.

What causes your car door to freeze shut?  Most likely damaged seals.  Car doors have rubber seals along them to help seal the door when it is closed.  If the rubber is damaged or ripped off, it will allow moisture to get in the seal which will freeze as the temperature drops causing the door to be frozen shut!

Not just doors freeze, car locks freeze as well.  Check out my blog a few weeks ago!
Only 12 more weeks until Spring…

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