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Should I Replace A New Door Lock If I Moved To A New Home?

move-in lock change Kitchener Moving to a new home can be very exciting with the thought of everything new, from the arrangement of your personal belongings, setting up rooms and beautiful decorations inside the house, having a different atmosphere and fresh surroundings, up to familiarizing yourself with the community and mingling with your new neighbors. All these can also be somewhat overwhelming, especially since they are topped off with obligations such as new mortgage payments, finding the ideal school for children, and many more, and therefore moving could be deemed a tedious task. It’s a good thing though that various moving companies are able to help during these times, making the entire process easier and much more convenient for you. The day of your move seamlessly goes smoothly and with less hassle, from packing to unpacking boxes. However, all the said preparations and various other things tend to cause many people to forget about changing the locks, a most commonly overlooked yet is actually the most important step to take prior to moving in. Here are quite a number of reasons why one should replace a new door lock when moving into a new home, and why it must be a priority:


  1. Precautionary Measure
    You will probably never know how many keys have been actually shared by the previous homeowner, whether you’re going to soon live in a condo, apartment, townhouse or an elegant house or mansion. You can almost be sure that their partner or spouse, other family members and relatives, even friends may have been given, or still have a copy of those keys.

    The likelihood of every key being surrendered to the seller may be quite low since the duplicates my already be scattered in various places. Sadly, in today’s time, we can never be too trusting and comfortable with this thought. Even if it is a brand new home that came with the unparalleled pride of being given the keys by the realtor of the dream home that is now yours, it is still advisable to replace each door lock before you wake up everyday living your dream life. Surely, the life you imagined does not involve break-ins, robbery or theft, appliances and furniture stolen, or worse, damage done to your property. New door locks would provide protection not only for your assets, but your whole family.

    2. Peace of Mind

    Nothing compares to the assurance brought about by the security of each properly working, replaced or newly installed door lock. This gives you the guarantee that you are the only one with access, only you are the sole keeper of the key, and the people you trust whom you will be giving copies to. Organized access is made available only to those who are allowed in your home.

    You truly get the highest quality of life only when you achieve a worry-free mind, and set yourself free from constant fear. It brings you and your entire family the feeling of superior safety, which is what matters most. On top of all the expenses of moving into a new home, or the huge value of the house itself, the cost of changing locks towards your peace of mind is more than worth it. The tranquility it bestows upon each family member, the quality of a safe and sound sleep you get through the night, and the knowledge of being kept away from danger is rendered priceless!


  1. Preventative Measure
    Old, faulty locks may fail you right when you least expect it, and can happen at the worst possible times. What is you are dead tired from work, exhausted and all you would like is a cup of coffee, maybe sit down on your favorite couch, or lay on your soft, cozy bed, only to find that the lock is stuck or broken right at the wrong time? On the other hand, you may be left out of the house in the wee hours of the night. Surely, nobody wants to be in this type of emergency situation, or any similar event that can be really frustrating. A lock can break because of poor quality, or has become rusty or brittle with prolonged use. You can never tell why it has malfunctioned, aside from undergoing normal wear and tear over time and the mechanisms have degraded, it can also be that the locks have been picked or tinkled with in the past. Some may have been poorly installed and misaligned, where holes have been placed unprofessionally, or simply the lock is already weak. The problem is, the lock gives up working downright when it’s the last thing you want to happen to you, like on one of those bad days. Replacing door locks by one that’s working in its best condition will definitely prevent this undesirable circumstance from taking place. A new door lock that is made with the highest standards and the best quality of contemporary technology, along with its great strength and durability makes it one wise investment which will serve its purpose well for a long time.

    4. Upgrading Security Systems

    It is truly unfortunate that many homeowners are upgrading their security systems due to increased crime rates, but still, it is the best thing to do. Upgrading locks to advanced and better versions, which surely come with greater security and an impenetrable home with utmost protection implemented with each new door lock incorporated on its entry points. You would also get the chance to have your trusted locksmith do the job for you rather than probably an unknown locksmith who had them previously installed.

    5. A Responsible Individual

    Changing locks renders you a responsible head of the family, as well as a responsible homeowner whose best interest is the general topmost security of your family and your home itself. Replacing a door lock is also ideal for a new house and property that is insured, which in some cases can even earn discounts on monthly premiums with an enhanced security system and reduced possibility of potential theft or an unwanted break-in. The simple act of replacing a door lock will give you one less worry off your back. This is a much-need relief from being worrisome and minimize any stress from moving. You can conveniently see to it that other important matters you have to attend to are taken care of without any hindrances. It also lets you calmly and happily go through the many things you’re looking forward to, mainly enjoying the comforts of your dream house and turning your new place into home sweet home!


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