Lock Change Waterloo

Lock Change Waterloo

T&B Locksmith Available 24/7 for your convenience, reach us at: 866-272-0468

When should you change your locks?

Lock Change Waterloo There’s a number of reasons why we end up having to get our locks changed. Roommate moves out, purchasing a new home, lost/forgotten keys, or maybe the key got jammed in the lock. The first thing you did was probably try to find a local place that has the ability to service your specific needs.

You likely had to take a gamble on it instead at the hardware store, hoping that you were picking the correct style for your door and wouldn’t have to go back just to return it.


We’ve simplified this process for you – just call Lock Change Waterloo!
Our mobile lock specialists are skilled in helping you pick the correct equipment needed – and we’ll install it for you on site!

Available 24/7 for your convenience, reach us at: 866-272-0468

Quality Service You’ll Love

At Lock Change Waterloo we stand behind our technicians.
Our highly skilled and experienced industry specialists are valued for their amazing customer service and attention to detail. Ensuring that no matter the situation you’re facing, we’ll fix it right for the first time.

Call us to book your appointment: 519-742-5625

Providing solutions to both residential & commercial clients
We provide a variety of different services, ranging from

·     Lock swapLock Change Waterloo
·     Iron gates
·     High security locks
·     New lock installation
·     File cabinet locks
·     And so much more!

You can reach Lock Change Waterloo anytime at: 866-272-0468

Why choose T&B Lock Change Waterloo?

·     We offer competitive pricing to keep it affordable for you!
·     Highly trained technicians to fully service all of your lock change needs
·     Fast and reliable service available to you 24/7
·     Residential and Commercial lock change services available
·     Friendly staff to assist you from start to finish

These are only some of the many services we have to offer you here at T&B Lock Change Waterloo. For all of your lock change needs, give us a call, you’ll be glad you did!: 519-742-5625