Key Cutting Waterloo

Key Cutting Waterloo

No matter what it is, if it has a lock or key system–  Key Cutting Waterloo can fix it for you: (519) 742-5625

Key Cutting Waterloo is available for all of your key cutting and locksmith needs; day or night, rain or shine – we’re here to help.

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Lost or broken keys? Key cutting services are just what you need. From duplication to replacement,
Key Cutting Waterloo has the tools, training and experience to get your keys made right.

You can give our Key Cutting Waterloo staff a call anytime: (519) 742-5625
Do not let an amateur make your keys!

You have seen keep duplication stands at just about every hardware store you have been to. Most of the time these are simple grinding wheels that are inaccurate and not as precise as they should be for most locks. Poorly made keys may do more than cause inconvenience; they can cause damage to the lock. Key Cutting Waterloo offers the professional training, experience and tools to fit any of your key needs.

We are operating 24/7 for your convenience! Servicing the Waterloo, Kitchener & K-W area for all of your lock smith and key-cutting needs: 1-866-272-0468
Key Replacement and Duplication Services

Keys get lost or broken. That can leave you locked out of home, stranded or even unable to open up your business. We offer a wide range of services to replace lost or broken keys, from laser to precision grinding. Residential, commercial, automotive keys and more are easily replaced with our fast, professional key cutting service. A quick phone call and our technician comes out to examine the lock and can often make the replacement key while you wait. Or if you need to, Bring in the pieces of your bent or broken key and a service professional will be able to make your key quickly. It never hurts to have a spare key. Duplicate keys are great for situations when guests arrive, as a temporary replacement or just in case you ever find yourself on the wrong side of a locked door. The key duplication process is simple and fast. Even modern automotive keys with transponders can be duplicated.
Accessing Technology

Most cars made in the past 5 years have advanced security features, like transponders.
Without these, it can be impossible to get into or to start your vehicle. Key Cutting Waterloo has the ability to duplicate and replace transponders, and normally it is generally cheaper than going to a dealership. Using laser cutting we are able to get the most accurate duplicates possible. Accuracy is essential. A key that is poorly made may work, but it could be doing damage to the inside of your lock.

Key Cutting Waterloo has earned a reputation for its dedication and professionalism. Our keen eye for detail and customer service is evident in every detail of our work. Lock replacements, security, key cutting and more are only as far away as your phone.